Izaskun Elorza

  • Universidad de Salamanca

  • C/ Placentinos 1837007SalamancaEspaña

  • E-mail: iea@usal.es

Campos científicos de interés

  • Enseñanza de lenguas y diseño curricular
  • Lenguas para fines específicos
  • Análisis del discurso
  • Lingüística de corpus, computacional e ingeniería lingüística
  • Traducción e interpretación

Palabras clave de la investigación desarrollada

  • Discourse analysis
  • corpus linguistics
  • intercultural communication
  • English language teaching and learning
  • ICTs applied to ELT

Palabras clave de la transferencia del conocimiento desarrollada

  • newspaper discourse
  • authorial voices
  • English language learning materials
  • MALL apps


Izaskun Elorza is Associate Professor in the Department of English Philology at the University of Salamanca (Spain). She was awarded her PhD (University of Salamanca, 2004) with a dissertation on the functionality of translation as a formative assessment tool in English for Specific Purposes. She is interested in and has published on discourse analysis (especially newspaper discourse), on applications of corpus linguistics, on the use of ICTs for teaching and learning English and on intercultural communication. She was the organizer of Corpus Linguistics: An Introductory Seminar and Workshop (Salamanca, 2007), with the participation of Mike Scott, Michaela Mahlberg and Matthew Brook O’Donnell; also the co-organizer together with Ovidi Carbonell of the International Conference Mapping Language across Cultures (Salamanca, 2010), as well as of the XXIX AESLA Conference (Salamanca, 2011). She has also been the Convener of the Round Table “Corpus Linguistics for 21st Century Language Learning” sponsored by the Language Learning journal (Salamanca, 2011). Izaskun is a member of the association of European Systemic-Functional Linguistics (ESF), the Spanish Association of Anglo-American Studies (AEDEAN), the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE), and the European Association of Language Testers (ALTE).