Marta Martín Gilete

  • Universidad de Extremadura

  • Av. Universidad, s/n Facultad de Formación del Profesorado10003CáceresEspaña

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Campos científicos de interés

  • Adquisición y aprendizaje
  • Enseñanza de lenguas y diseño curricular
  • Lenguas para fines específicos
  • Análisis del discurso

Palabras clave de la investigación desarrollada

  • applied metaphor
  • TEFL
  • Discourse analysis

Palabras clave de la transferencia del conocimiento desarrollada

  • cognitive linguistics
  • applied linguistics
  • conceptual metaphor
  • TEFL


I am a PhD candidate in English Language and Culture at the University of Extremadura (Spain). My PhD research focuses on applied metaphor in the teaching of English as a foreign language.

I am currently an Associate Lecturer in the Department of English Philology (Faculty of Arts) at the University of Extremadura, where I teach undergraduate courses on the English Language.

My main research interests lie in the areas of cognitive linguistics, applied linguistics, and figurative language. I am also a member of the research team English Language and Applied Linguistics at the University of Extremadura, which is made up of researchers with a background in applied metaphor research, L2 vocabulary acquisition, and discourse analysis. I am currently involved in the nationally-funded research project ‘METCLIL’ on the use of metaphor in academic seminars. I am also taking part in three research projects on CLIL: the two EU-funded projects ‘INCOLLAB’ AND ‘CLIL4YEC’, and in the regionally-funded research project ‘ICLUEx’ at the UEx.


Academia: Marta Martín-Gilete 

ResearchGate: Marta Martín-Gilete

Twitter: @mmartingilete