Pascual F. Pérez-Paredes

  • Universidad de Murcia

  • D. Filología Inglesa, Facultad de Letras, Campus de La Merced30100MurciaES

Campos científicos de interés

  • Adquisición y aprendizaje
  • Enseñanza de lenguas y diseño curricular
  • Lenguas para fines específicos
  • Análisis del discurso
  • Lingüística de corpus, computacional e ingeniería lingüística

Palabras clave de la investigación desarrollada

  • Learner language Variation and multidimensional analysis of (specialized) language(s) Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Corpora in applied linguistics ICTs in language education

Palabras clave de la transferencia del conocimiento desarrollada

  • CALL
  • applications for language learning


Pascual Pérez-Paredes is a Professor in Applied Linguistics and Linguistics, U. Murcia, and Lecturer in Research in Second Language Education at the University of Cambridge. His main research interests are learner language variation, the use of corpora and digital resources in language education and corpus-assisted discourse analysis. He has published research in journals such as CALL, Discourse & Society, English for Specific Purposes, Journal of Pragmatics, Language, Learning & Technology, System, ReCALL and the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. Prof Pérez-Paredes was the Overall Coordinator of the MEd Research Methods Strand at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. 

His most recent publication is Corpus Linguistics for education. A guide for research in the Routledge Corpus Linguistics series. Prof. Pérez-Paredes is currently Co-PI in the Spanish Research Agency -funded project Understanding internationalisation in Higher Education from the student perspective: a longitudinal analysis of disciplinary literacy in English-Medium Education (SHIFT).

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